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Cooking Recipes


The jProducts recipes screen makes it possible to create your favorite dishes whether you prefer simple meals or more glamorous dinners. Immerse yourself into a world of domestic and foreign delicacies. jProducts offers a selection of thousands of dishes listed in a simple and clear way. You no longer need to dig through your cookbooks - the jProducts screen shows you all the information necessary to succeed in your kitchen in a few simple and easy steps.

In the upper left part of the screen you have the possibility of adding your favorite recipes to your personal favorites list, so all your favorite dishes are included also. To search for your desired dishes please use the jProducts keyboard.

Another possibility is clicking on the various subgroups, such as meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, salads, snacks, sauces, etc. There are no limits! There are corresponding variations and many recipes submitted to every subgroup.

In the lower left part of the screen you see the name of the dish, the number of people dining and the individual ingredients by quantity. Each step of the preparation of the dish is explained. Additionally every dish is shown with an accessory image. You can switch between the different sub-groups or recipes using the arrow keys as desired.

The world of good taste is open to you!


  • Search
    • by keyword
    • in any existing category
  • Shows the favorites
  • Shows the ingredient list for any selected dish
  • Shows the detailled description of the preparation of food and a picture

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