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Big Clock


One touch of the “Big Clock” menu item and the user can see the current time/date/day of the week on the digital clock in the full screen size. The user can decide which date and time format should be shown on the “Big Clock” screen and switch from 12 AM/PM to 24 h format.

The jProducts alarm clock feature is an easy-to-use alarm software module, reminder and schedule program that can be accessed from the jProducts “Big Clock” screen.

The alarm mode can be set to any time of the day, so at this special time the alarm sound will be played. The customer can easily set the alarm time and specify MP3 songs or other audio files as a ring sound. If the alarm mode is off there is not an alarm time visible on the “Big Clock” screen (see the screenshots).If an alarm status is set, the alarm time is constantly visible in the message bar in the left upper corner of any screen.


  • Show the actual time and date
  • Switch to 12 h or 24 h mode
  • Alarm module (daily repeating)
  • Individual alarm sound (e.g. MP3)

Pop Up Screens