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TV/SAT Radio Screen


The jProducts TV screen encloses the actually selected channel including format, the bouquets list as well as the channels including an electronic program guide (epg) which is actualized constantly. The bouquet and channel list can be created individually by the customer.

After roughly 2 seconds the selected channel appears in a wide screen format automatically. The time intervall from preview to full screen mode is configurable and can be predefined by the user.

The user can close the screen or select a new channel by touching the screen in the middle field of the bottom part of the screen.

The TV screen can also be used to listen to the radio via DVB-S tuner. It is self explanatory and easy to handle.

The TV server manages the communication between the DVB-S/C/T tuner and visiSoft®. The tuner transmits the audio/video signal via the network and the software server receives the audio/video stream and controls the input signal to the jProducts interface. The bouquets, channels and tuner commands are shown in the server software.

The TV server contains the TV program information for any channel from the bouquet (see the central field of the server screen). It enables the user to add a new timer for recording of some special programs of any channel of the bouquet (see the screenshots).


  • Show the bouquets
  • Show the TV channels
  • Show the radio channels
  • Forward/backward buttons in the bottom bar
  • Information to the selected channel in the bottom bar
  • Wide screen mode / preview mode

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