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Picture Slide Show


The jProducts picture slideshow screen makes it possible for the user to view his digital picture collection as well as to start his own slideshow.

Pictures and photos can be saved in the appropriate directory under any favourite title.

The screen is divided into two logical parts: One can scroll through the picture viewer collections in the upper fields, which are arranged alphabetically to make the search more comfortable.

The bottom field displays the single slideshows with the corresponding picture list and the possible actions. The user can create a new slideshow or edit the existing one. A new slideshow can be created by using the action button “New slideshow”.

The title of the slideshow can be easily entered with the help of the on screen keyboard.The time information in the left part of the bottom bar displays the time delay of for example 3 seconds. This is the time delay between the showing of the digital pictures. This delay time can be changed with a simple touch, using the arrow symbols.


  • Show the alphabetic sorted picture collection list
  • Show the pictures to the selected collection as a small view
  • Show the existing slideshows
  • Add pictures from the existing collection
  • Remove slideshow from the slideshow list
  • Rename slideshow
  • Start slideshow
  • Play the slideshow
  • Next picture
  • Previous picture
  • Stop the slideshow
  • Rotate the picture
  • Single run of some play
  • Rerun of some play list
  • Random mode

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