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Music Collection


The jProducts music collection screen enables the customer to create his own music collection or a new play list, search for any song title or delete a title from the play list, remove, rename or play the list or some particular song using the bottom navigation bar.

The Music Streamer is a server used to play music files (mp3, wma, wav, mid) from one special folder. This server has a capacity with 6449 folders and 28085 files (55,6 GB). The server software (see the screenshot) operates in the background, while the customer controls his albums and play lists using the Music Collection screen.

The jProducts Music Streamer can be used as an input source for the multiroom audio system.


  • Show MP3 collection/albums/play lists/titles
  • Control buttons on the bottom navigation bar:
    • Play: plays a title from the list
    • Stop
    • Forward: next song
    • Back: previous song
  • Add title
  • Remove title from list
  • Create new list
  • Remove list
  • Rename list
  • Single play of a play list: The play list, which was played last, will be repeated once
  • Repeat of a play list: The same play list is repeated a number of times
  • Random mode: A song from the play list will be selected randomly and played

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