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B&O Control


The Bang & Olufsen control screen allows the user to directly manage any multimedia device which is connected to the B&O system. The graphical user interface of the control screen has a flexible structure and can be changed according to the user’s individual wishes.

The customer can control each and every product in the entire Bang & Olufsen range by using just one screen: The area of “Sources” can be changed freely according to the users wishes. The screen example (see the screenshot) contains TV, Radio, CD and SAT as control devices. The customer selects one of these sources, for example TV, by a simple touch of the visiPad® screen and can use all of the control buttons of the B&O screen to operate the chosen device, in this case the TV. Subsequently the customer can activate any TV channel using the digit buttons of the control screen. The usual B&O buttons are also available and can be activated with a simple touch just like the menu navigation, which is also a part of the control screen.

The B&O scheme shows the intercommunication between visiServer® and Bang & Olufsen system. The IR extender is connected to visiServer® via RS232 and to B&O system via infrared. When detecting a B&O signal the IR extender sends a command to the visiServer®. The user can then control his B&O device with the help of the jProducts B&O control screen.


  • Show the typical controlling interface of B&O as a visiPad® control screen
  • Remote control function for the B&O system via jProducts interface

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