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Visualisation BMS


The customer is able to control, activate and regulate the complete building management system of his house by means of the ergonomic floor/room plan screens within seconds (see the screenshots).

jProducts System supports EIB/KNX, Lon, Lutron, OPC, X-10, DALI, PowerNet (via EIB/KNX), BACNet, DMX.

The controlling and managing of the bus objects is implemented by the Software Server for example EIB/KNX Server, Lon Server etc.

The BMS client sends messages to the jProducts BMS software server in form of addresses to read/write the appropriate values of any of the bus objects.

The communication between the server and the administration takes place independently in the background.

At a glace the user can see the operational status of the devices within any room: The ground plan of this room would be highlighted in this case. This feature of jProducts comes in useful because the user can instantly recognize if a light for example has been left on before they leave the building or some window is still opened.

The visualisation of the jProducts building management system allows a high level of security e.g. against the burglars or foul weather.


  • Visualization of floor ground plans
  • Visualization of room ground plans
  • Dynamic switching between detailed room view and floor overview
  • Visualization of the BMS objects with the actual status:
    • Lighting
    • Heating
    • Air Condition
    • Shutter
    • Jalousie
    • Sensors
  • Precisely definition for BMS values using the menu bar
  • Unlimited number of actuators, sensors, floors and rooms/zones
  • The complete data points can be used as intelligent linkup to BMS