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Smartphone connection for any video intercom

Wouldn't it be practical if you could operate your intercom from your sofa by smartphone or tablet? No problem – with visiTor you can upgrade your existing system to the mobile age!

When someone rings at your door, the feed from your door camera is displayed automatically on the screen of your mobile device. You can speak directly to your visiTor and open the door. You can also do this while you are out of the house. Even if no one is ringing your door bell, you can activate the camera and view the surroundings for peace of mind.

All you need is the free smartphone app visiTor 3G (for iOS or Android), a video intercom with a telephone interface (a/b) along with the visiTor-controller. This connects the system to your computer network (LAN) and is compatible with most common intercoms - also older models. Nothing stands in the way of your mobile comfort!

visiTor – the most useful innovation since the invention of the door bell.

You do not already have a video intercom installed? Then visiDoor is the right solution for you!

visiTor overview:

  • LAN connection to most common intercom manufacturers (Siedle, Ritto, TCS, Jung and many more)
  • Comfortable operation of all system functions via visiTor 3G app (available for iOS and Android)
  • Can be switched between several cameras
  • Saves camera images and time stamps ring times
  • Connection of up to 5 end devices per controller
  • optional extra module for converting analog video signals